Management & Staff

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Name Title
Jim Reavis Chief Executive Officer
Daniele Catteddu Chief Technology Officer
Luciano “J.R.” Santos Executive Vice President of Research
Jeffrey Westcott Chief Financial Officer
Francoise Gilbert General Counsel
Katie Lewin US Federal Director
John Yeoh Research Director, Americas
Kurt Seifried Chief Blockchain Officer and Head of Special Projects
Alain Pannetrat EMEA Research Analyst
Damir Savanovic EMEA Senior Research Analyst
Marina Bregkou EMEA Senior Research Analyst
Frank Guanco Research Program Manager
Hillary Baron Research Analyst, CloudBytes Program Manager
Victor Chin Research Analyst
Courtney Keogh Research Experience Coordinator
Ryan Bergsma Training Director
Ekta Mishra APAC Research Analyst
Anthony Lim Advocate
Dr. Hing Yan Lee ​Executive Vice President, APAC
Haojie Zuang ​Research Director, APAC
Suresh Agarwal ​ Sales Director South Asia
Jane Chow ​ Associate Research Analyst
Jon Lau ​ Director, Business Development
Daniel Seluini ​ Assistant Research Analyst
Zenobia Godschalk Public Relations
Kari Walker Public Relations
Terra Schumacher Marketing Coordinator
Eric Swenson Vice President of Marketing
Eileen Sciarra Sales Director
Terence Siau Sales Director APAC
Todd Thiemann Solution Provider Advisory Council
Carolina Ozan EMEA Project Coordinator
Brent Lundstrom Membership Coordinator
Ryan Richardson Development Dept. Lead
Josh Buker Web Developer
Todd Edison Web Support Lead
Tara Hanson Web Support