Notable Events

Welcome to the CSA Chapters’ Notable Events page, where you can find photos and descriptions of recent Chapter events. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to see your chapter’s event listed here.

CSDiFo An "International Conference on Cyber Security & Digital Forensics” was successfully held on 7-8 December 2016 at NUST University H-12 Islamabad campus in collaboration with CSA PK and HEC.

This event was a continuation of our earlier efforts to promote cloud security awareness, industry-academia linkage and general brand building of CSA.


This event was done jointly with NUST and HEC and many sponsors from local market. Participants from diversified sectors of local market including academia and industry (R&D, banking and Telecom, social and government sector) participated in the conference.

Highlights of the event

  1. Event was divided in two days with different streams and participants attended as per their interest.
  2. Eight papers were presented in the conference.
  3. Four key note speakers and eight invited talks.
  4. Four technical tutorials.

CSA Role in the conference

  1. International Speaker 1/1
    • One key note International Speaker Prof. Diaming Shi, China.

  2. National Speakers, five out eight of invited talk were facilitated by CSA PK; remaining three invited talks were delivered from delegates of event sponsors.
    • Mr. Ammar Jafri Member Executive Council CSA-PK - Cyber Security Past, Present, Future.
    • Mr. Tahir Chaudry Director Industry Linkage CSA-PK - How to become a Professional Consultant.
    • Dr. Mudassar Farooq VC My University - Layers of Information Security.
    • Mr. Muhammad Sadiq Official Chapter Organizer CSA-PK - Cloud Computing: Cheaper and Secure or Buzzword.
    • Mr. Tayyab Director R&D Industry CSA-PK - Security Trends in Software Development Industry.

  3. Technical Workshops, 3 out of 4 speakers were facilitated by CSA PK.
    • Dr. Mudassar COMSATS Professional Member CSA PK - Making Cloud Environments Trustworthy
    • Mr. Tauseef Aslam General Sectary CSA PK - Data Privacy\Protection and Cloud\IOT Considerations
    • DR. Habib-Ullah Professional Member CSA PK - Detecting Advanced Persistent Threats using Memory Forensics

  4. Shields were presented to all guest speakers by organizers.
  5. Conference bags were given to all conference attendees.
  6. Two lunches, four teas and a gala dinner were arranged during the conference to facilitate networking and general discussion between participants.

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CSA Pakistan Chapter conducts workshop on Secure Software Development

CSA Pakistan Chapter conducted Secure Software Development Workshop on the 10th of March 2016. This event was a continuation of the chapter's effort to promote cloud security awareness and general brand building of CSA. However it was unique due to the quality of instructor, partnership with leading industry bodies (HEC – A government commission to promote higher education, PIEAS - A leading state University & PASHA - Software house association) and participants from diversified sectors of local market.

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CSA Pakistan Chapter presents workshop on Server Virtualization with VMware 6 at CISCOM

CSA Pakistan Chapter conducts training workshops at various universities to encourage knowledge of advanced security technologies. At a recent series in CISCOM Rawalpindi, more than 40 people were in attendance for the workshop regarding Virtualization and Cloud Computing.

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CSA Singapore Knowledge Sharing Seminar

On the 10th of February, CSA Singapore chapter held a Knowledge Sharing Seminar and Networking session at the CSA corporate office in Singapore. In total, the event had about 25 attendees from the information security industry in Singapore and was sponsored by SSH Communications Security.

Luciano Santos, VP, Research and Member Services from the CSA and Ricky Ho, Director, Business Development APAC from SSH Communications Security were the two main speakers of the event.

For more information about the CSA Singapore Knowledge Sharing Seminars, please click here.

Cyber Secure Pakistan (CSP) Conference

Post event report of Seminar: “Cloud Computing: Savior or Buzzword”

Cloud Security Alliance Islamabad chapter in collaboration with Pakistan Information Association (PISA) has organized a Seminar “Cloud computing Savior or Buzzword” in "Cyber Secure Pakistan (CSP)" conference at NUST. The conference consisted of number of hands on trainings and workshops. In parallel to these activities, Cloud security Alliance Islamabad Chapter organized a seminar “Cloud computing Savior or Buzzword”

Dr. Sheheryar Malik, President of CSA Islamabad Chapter in Cloud Computing Seminar, gave a proper introduction of cloud Security Alliance and its working, Role of CSA Islamabad chapter and its past activities. After CSA introductory Speech Dr. Sheheryar Gave an introductory talk about Cloud Computing, history, Service models, Deployment models and related concepts. He explained why it has become a need of the computing world of today and told about the various benefits of cloud computing. By showing detailed statistics, Dr. Sheheryar explained that the growth rate of the market of cloud computing has exceeded expectations of the experts. He clarified that the development of trust between the cloud service provider and the client is the most crucial issue of cloud computing.

Dr. Awais Shibli, Head of Software Engineering Department at SEECS-NUST and Director Research & Development Cloud Security Alliance Islamabad , presented the main challenges related to cloud computing. He started off with a small video which explained the key idea behind cloud computing and why it was developed. He agreed with Dr. Sheheryar Malik on the fact that trusts between the client and the cloud service provider is indeed the main issue because the client never really knows where his or her data is actually located.

Afterwards, Mr. Abdullah Abid and Mr. Muhammad Umar Hayat Kayani, students of Masters in Information Security, NUST-SEECS, gave a small address on Microsoft Azure, the cloud service of Microsoft. They told about the different services which can be configured using Azure and how these cloud services ensure authentication, performance and other concepts related to information security. An interactive Question & Answer session took place where representatives from different information security organizations, faculty and students asked various queries like how cloud computing can be implemented in different industries and academic institutes of Pakistan.

After a photograph of the audience with the chief guest and the presenters, they were welcomed to a refreshing cup of tea with tasty treats. After the tea break, Mr. Ghulam Jaffar and Mr. Mohsin Javed, also students of Masters in Information Security at SEECS and member of Cloud Security Alliance Islamabad Chapter discussed Amazon Web Services and how they can be developed on the cloud. He also explained how they can help with different functions of the cloud.

Muhammad Sadiq
General Secretary,
Cloud Security Alliance Islamabad

CSA Thailand Study Trip to Taipei, Taiwan

On the 12th to the 15th of November, CSA Thailand together with Mahidol University led a delegation of about 25 government officials and post-graduate students to Taipei, Taiwan. The local CSA Taiwan chapter played host to them an organised a series of visits to CSA corporate members and partners such as Trend Micro, Fareastone, SGS, Institute for Information Industry and National Taiwan University. The study trip consists of presentations as well as practical demonstrations by the host organisations.

CSA China Summit 2014

The 5th annual CSA China Summit was held in Beijing, China on the 13th, November 2014. The event brought together cloud and security professionals to discuss the latest news and information in the industry. The highlight of the event was the formal announcement of the CSA China-STAR cloud security certification by CEPREI Certification Body. During the event, CSA CEO Jim Reavis also presented CSA membership certificates to corporate members like Beisen, Feitian, Huawei, Leadsec, NSFocus and Venustech. In total, the event was attended by more than 300 security professionals.

5th ASEAN-Japan Information Security Workshop

Due to the pivotal role that the Cloud Security Alliance Asia Pacific HQ (CSA APAC) has played in assisting the ASEAN community to realize the potential of the cloud, CSA APAC has been participating in the ASEAN-Japan Information Security Workshop since it's inception in 2011. This year is the fifth edition of the Workshop and was kindly hosted by the Office of ICT under the Department of Science and Technology for the Philippines. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications represented Japan. 9 of the 10 ASEAN countries were present, with the exception of Indonesia, which was in the middle of a political transition. The theme for this year was Cybersecurity developments in APAC for Day 1 and Security Education and Awareness for Day 2.

His Hon, Undersecretary Louis Napoleon C Casambre, Executive Director ICT Office of DOST provided the opening address for the Workshop. Aloysius Cheang, our Managing Director for APAC, represented the CSA. He presented to all the ASEAN states present the latest CSA research initiative, the Software Defined Parameter Initiative and the CSA user certifications available via the CCSK and CSA STAR brands.

Subsequently, DOST has requested the assistance of the CSA to assist DOST with a position letter on cloud adoption and a national cloud procurement requirement to the President of Philippines.

CSA APAC Congress

Organized by the CSA Taiwan Chapter, the 2nd annual CSA APAC Congress was held in Taipei, Taiwan from the 1st to the 5th of September. The event was a gathering of cloud industry stakeholders and aimed to broaden the knowledge about the critical role that cloud computing plays and as well as to raise awareness about corresponding cybersecurity concern. In total, the event attracted almost 600 attendees who had the option of choosing 6 different conference tracks. Guests of honor include the Taiwan Minister of Science and Technology, Simon Chang and the Chief of the Industrial Development Bureau, Wu Ming-Ji.

From the 1st to the 4th of September saw 2 back-to-back workshops being conducted, each last 2 days. The first one was a CSA CCSK course conducted by HP and the other one was a CSA STAR Lead Auditor course conducted by BSI, respectively.

CSA Thailand Chapter technical visit to Singapore

CSA Thailand Chapter led a group of 11 delegates consisting of executives from government banks to telecommunications companies. They were in Singapore for 3 days, from the 20th to the 23rd of August, and visited CSA corporate members Trend Micro, HP as well as affiliate member IDA. The technical visits consisted of presentations and talks about the latest technologies in cloud computing and strategies for cloud adoption.

Islamabad Chapter: Virtualization and Cloud Computing Workshop

CSA Islamabad Chapter conducts free training workshops at various universities to encourage knowledge of advanced security technologies. At a recent workshop series in Abasyn University in Islamabad, more than 60 people were in attendance for a seminar regarding Virtualization and Cloud Computing.