APAC Education Council

Introduction to the APAC Education Council

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) APAC (Asia Pacific) Education Council consists of members from Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) and Research Institutes (RIs) from the Asia Pacific region. This council will be responsible for providing guidance to CSA to further efforts in cloud security education and research.

Through the CSA APAC Education Council, CSA aims to contribute our research materials back to the IHLs for educational purposes, so as to build a new generation of cloud security advocates and professionals. At the same time, we hope that through our contributions, CSA can play a role in bridging the industry and the IHLs, thereby provide global alignment that will lead towards achieving a common vision and further add value to the industry.

The CSA APAC Education Council also aims to build a cohesive effort across the Asia Pacific region to coordinate and focus resources in education, research and development. This will deliver research artefacts built upon key tenets proposed by CSA, which aim to solve tomorrow’s problem today. Research artefacts include inputs to the CSA APAC Innovation Initiative, an initiative that will identify key structural issues related to trust and security in the cloud computing ecosystem. The Innovation Initiative will facilitate the adoption of the next generation information technology, articulate guiding principles and objectives that IT innovators must address. It also helps innovators to incubate technology solutions that align with our principles and address the systemic gaps we have identified based on the incubator ecosystem which CSA has built through various public-private partnerships, the investment arm of CSA corporate members and private equity vehicles of CSA partners and members.

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